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WOW! Amaya is really doing some amazing stuff over their in his studio! He’s taken my groundbreaking “Double Kundalini Activation” Meditation and mastering the audio, along with adding some music that he made, while in the Heart of course, and created some very powerful ambiance.. potent and brimming with the energies of the Kundalini Shakti.. You don’t want to miss out on this 40-minute journey into the Spiritual Kingdom…! Click Here For Members Content


(art found on google and animated by ShakipatSeer)

As the title says this is a Middle Pillar Shaktipat Meditation With Hindu Maha Mantras ..

The Buddhist Heart Sutra mentions the “5 Heaps” of Creation, the 5 Elements, which are akin to the 5 Spheres of the Middle Pillar.. as you build the Middle Pillar now, later we can build the whole Tree on your Aura and set up a completely coherent and intuitive Geometric interface with the Cosmic.. Very crucial stuff!
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Namaste! In this exercise we will be visualizing the Hypercube and using it as an aid for entering the Akasic Records and seeing into 4d – in terms of our past lives. The above image may aid you during your visualization..

When I first started to see the Transcendental Planes beyond mind and matter, this Mandala constantly began to appear before me. Mandala Meditation is incredibly powerful and used by Tibetan Buddhists as well. This particular Mandala is in the same 4-sided fashion that the Tibetans use, but altered to look like a hypercube, suitable for Western Consciousness I suppose, as this is the way it appeared before me.

Soon my Soul was able to enter this Hypercube and it became a hallway, I saw many lives in the hallways.. The above picture can be used to enter the Akasic Records in this way if it is visualized powerfully and understood intensely.

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* 1-hour Long Meditation * VERY Powerful *
Akonai, Akene, and Adonai, beneath the 7 Rays of Force lie 3 Rays of Force associated with the classical Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, these 3 rays emanate from within all things and create all things, they are the Ray of Will, Ray of Love-Wisdom, and Ray of Active Intelligence, Kether, Chokmah, and Binah. This Meditation will stimulate and activate the Kundalini Force of each of these 3 Centers, at the base of the Spine, at the Heart, and at the Brow, and awaken the streams of Kundalini within you, creating a dynamic bubble of Higher Dimensional Light that is the Ascension of the Soul.
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45 minute Ascension + Manifestation Trance and Dance Mix by Amaya

Since the dawn of civilisation, mankind has used music as an integral part of celebration and ceremony. From the very first beat of a shamans drum, rhythm has always been a core component. Like the ebb and flow of the waves on a shore, the harmonious orbits of the spheres in our solar system to our own circadian cycle of sleep and wake, the ancients new the importance of keeping a rhythm flowing through their culture.

Music is a powerful medium for feeling the energy of rhythm through dance and movement. I have produced a trance inducing dance mix of carefully selected tracks to help shift your energy states from low frequencies to higher frequencies of love, peace and joy.

Track 1: Shiva’s Dance Induction with  528 Hz Love Frequency – To initiate you into a state of singularity and oneness connection with the unified field of infinite love.

Track 2: Ascension Portal Trance Induction with Meditation In Fractal Verse - 741 Hz Ascension Frequency will open your third eye chakra to prepare your consciousness for ascension.

Track 3: Celestial Astral Projection Trance – you will now feel your energy raise to a higher level where your mind and spirit will begin to float in the astral plane. Enjoy this journey as you swim with the cosmic dolphins and dance to the music of the spheres.

Track 4: Cosmic Voyage - you will now begin your journey across the galaxies, through the stars and feel a immediate oneness with all the magnificence of creation.

Track 5: Celebration + Union – it is now time to feel immensely grateful from the very deepest part of your soul for all the wonders and privileges you enjoy in your present lifetime. By celebrating this feeling of gratitude, the universal bank of spirit consciousness will prepare to send you renewed energy to manifest your dreams and desires.

Track 6: Actualisation, Visualisation and Manifestation with Pineal Gland Activation - in this state you must concentrate and visualise your desires and dreams. Your pineal gland, third eye chakra, seat of the soul is a receptor for cosmic energy. What you focus on now will begin to manifest as creative thoughts and ideas.

Track 7: The Sun DNA Awakening – it is time now to absorb the energy that has been transmitted to your inner core through your chakra’s. Whilst you listen to this music, feel the bliss as your DNA resonates with the cosmic vibrations of infinite energy. Your DNA will now be awakened to project and manifest whatever you have dreamt for into the physical plane.

The brightest object in our sky that has been worshipped since the dawn of man and arguably is still the fundamental symbol of all major faiths and religions, without which life would cease to exist is of course our Sun.

Make this your prayer to the Sun.

Listen to this music in any way that you desire, but I recommend dancing, exercising or doing yoga sun salutations whilst also focusing your mind and spirit on the process of ascension and manifestation outlined in each track above.

Get this amazing cutting edge sound now by clicking ‘read rest of this blog’.

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ANG Seed Syllable – Wealth & Longevity

It’s long been known that speech, consciousness, and the fabric of our mental universe are all combined. This is exemplified in the ancient word “Vrtti”, known in Greece as the “Wyrd sisters”, the fates which control mankind’s destiny. AmAya and I have designed a set of meditations based on the ancient syllables which are said to give certain effects as the augment the mental reality. Remember there is no “in” and “out”, your mind is  like space and that space is the cosmos. It is known that for years sacred syllables and power words across the globe have been closely guarded secrets by the mystery schools.  This particular symbol is said to give wealth & longevity by a Laya Yoga Tantric Master.
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Pineal Gland

This hour-long .mp3 contains some of my most popular Pineal Gland Activation Frequencies, which have gained over 5 million views on youtube, but are no longer available except here! Throught direct Shaktipat transmissions, these mantras have been modulated into almost psychedelic experience-inducing meditative vibrations, augmented using Reason 5.0. Due to the infusion of Kundalini Shakti, these frequencies can directly awaken etheric Cakra centers, especially along the central channel where the positively charged prana flows the strongest.
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The Middle Way & Madhyamaka Buddhism


In case you’ve never heard of this before, the Madhyamaka (Middle Way) school of Mahayana Buddhism, headed by Nagarjuna and spread as the highest truth of all schools of Mahayana Buddhism during the Middle ages up to the present, by all who recognized it as the true meaning of the Buddha’s words. They even called Arya Nagarjuna the second Buddha himself, as indicated in the prophecy shown below. The Mulamadhyamikakarika is, I would say, the most important scripture in Mahayana Buddhism. Even today it forms the pillar of all six schools of the very popular Tibetan Buddhism. All of its schools agree Madhyamaka is the correct vision of the very subtle teachings the historical Buddha wished to impart, but this article isn’t about Buddhism, it’s about the profound knowledge one can extrapolate from what Nagarjuna wanted people to see.

This is because Nagarjuna was the moon to the Buddha’s son, and was prophesied to come:

“Ananda, four hundred years after I [Shakyamuni Buddha] pass away, this Licchavi youth Liked-When-Seen-by-All-the-World will become a monk known as Naga and will disseminate my teaching. Finally, in the land known as Very Pure Light he will become a One Gone Thus, a Foe Destroyer,’ a completely perfect Buddha named Light-Which-Is-a-Source-of-All-Wisdom) and reveal the very subtle intention of the Buddha’s philosophy; specifically the doctrine of interdependent co-origination of all things.” -The Great Cloud Superior Sutra of Twelve Thousand Stanzas:

The profound insight and phrases begin as early as the first first of the first chapter (Examination of Conditions) and extend to every single line in this extremely unique and insightful text:

I-1 “Neither from itself nor from another,

Nor from both,

Nor without a cause,

Does anything, whatever, anywhere arise.”

Which happens to be the starting lines of the first chapter on “Conditions”, immediately defeat all other philosophies which rely on separately existing entities, and therefore defeat the ego itself by undermining the ignorance that allows it to exist in the state of separation from everything else that renders it a dualistic trigger waiting to go off, enslaved by animal passions. Garfield, if you buy the full book or .pdf, (link to full book is at the bottom of this post) also offers some stunningly brilliant commentary on each verse after translating the main text.

Also the chapter Examination of Fire and Fuel explains profoundly the fallacy of the logic which fails to realize the inherent emptiness of ideas of separate things:

“If the elements were distinct from each other,

It would follow that there could be fire without fuel.

If they merge, they would lose their defining characteristics—

This logic applies to all the other elements.”

The Arya Nagarjuna rips apart our belief in a linear universe with his verse in chapter XI: Examination of Initial and Final Limits (do you see here how he is trying to use this logic to undermine our ignorant beliefs in conceptual framework generally accepted by whirling our supposed logic and turning it on its head?)

XI: 1 -”When asked about the beginning,

The Great Sage said that nothing is known of it

Cyclical existence is without end and beginning,

So there is no beginning or end”

XI 2- “Where there is no beginning or end

How could there be a middle?

It follows that thinking about this in terms of

prior, posterior, and simultaneous is not appropriate.”

With these two verses our superstitious belief that everything is not interconnected is utterly undermined; here it is revealed that even so-called past, present, and future are one continuum. How could there be a past of a past? It would require an infinite regression that could never begin, therefore things such as Akasic Records, ancestral memories, shared visions, psychic phenomena, reiki healing, shamanic ceremony, become more understandable. We were never out of communion with the Earth and with the Collective Conscious, because we are it and it is us! Forever and ever! When the mind does not realize that, it is the ego, when it does realize that, it is the Buddha.

“Samsara is mind turned outwardly, lost in its projections.

Nirvana is mind turned inwardly, recognizing its nature.”

~ Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

From the moment we drew breath on this planet our body was not our own, the tissue was given to us, dependent on our mother and father. The air that fills their and our lungs and blood came from the Earth, and so is not the property of the presumed ego. The water from the streams of the Earth that comprises 70% of their bodies came from the universe, to the Earth, to encompass their body, the food, the heat of the Sun that renders life possible, all of the 4 earthly elements, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, are here proven to be literally us, and no ego can stand on something which is not separate in and of itself.

There is a daoist saying I remember from an old social studies book from school, “If one feels punctured, one must have been a bubble.”

This means that when the ego, run rampant on its own inherent ignorance, views itself as a separate entity, it becomes a blind, world creating demiurge. Its passions, desires, envies, jealousies, and ignorance stem from the very fact that, not knowing its union with all things, it perceives all things in a purely dualistic way. “Me vs you”, “Earth and Me”, it makes statements, ignorantly, but innocently at times under the control of that ego, named in Buddhism as the demon Mara, and Tantra Rudra, the force which causes us to be trapped by a belief in a truly separate self.

These type of paradoxes meant to undermine our ignorance about reality were well known to the ancient Greek philosophers, and even have a name: The Tetralemma (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetralemma).

The tetralemma is a figure that features prominently in the classical logic of India (and Greece, which had much contact with India). It states that with reference to any a logical proposition X, there are four possibilities:

X (affirmation)

\neg X (negation)

X \land \neg X (both) equiv.

\neg (X \lor \neg X) (neither)

However, Nagarjuna expertly applied this Tetralemma to show the fallacy of believing that things either “Exist (as independent entities, as in materialism and dualism), Don’t exist (as non-independent entities as in advaita and non-duality) both exist and don’t exist (as this would contradict the first two statements) and neither exist or don’t exist, (as this would be the fallacy of nihilism)

Many people, failing to understand this very subtle philosophy known as Buddhism, mistake emptiness for nihilism, and Buddhism as being nihilistic.. But they are falling into the error of what is called “eternalism”, that they believe that “things” exist as eternally separate entites. Nagarjuna is saying that they are empty of svabhava or “own-being” (nishsvabhava) and exist as a unique piece, which is always changing, dependent on everything else, the causes, elements, factors, conditions etc. in the environment wherein it arises, whether it be body, emotion, sensation, thought, or even consciousness (known as “the five psychic aggregates).

The goal of this recognition is to remove the tree of the grasping at an unchanging, permanent self (atman) by showing that there is no such thing, and liberating one with the correct view of emptiness, not nihilism, but the collective relationship of all things to one another.

By James Portocarrero

(Note: Real part of the book starts at pg. 22, the rest is just preface. READ THIS BOOK! :) It will change how you see reality forever and teach you to understand the subtle meanings of profound truth in a way you may never have considered before, and expand your horizons deeply with its tetralemmic formulae)

So can you make a Tetralemma? Have a quesiton or comment? Leave it below!

Mind is a much bigger thing than we think.. and to reach past this conscious understanding of our mind, and even beyond the unconscious one, to the realm of the superconscious, it’s necessary to expand and understand the power of our mind… True reality is almost psychedelic, and these Lunar meditations (full 9 sun/moon/fire Tantric meditation course available here: http://activateyourthirdeye.com/activate-your-third-eye-cb/.

“Lunar” style of meditation as I have aptly named it concerns the internal stability of the mind and its perfection into a psychic vehicle that can begin to bridge the gap between conscious and unconscious minds and set the stage for individuation.
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We’re still here!

Alchemymeditations.com is still online and functioning, and we’ll be offering you brand new content in the coming days and weeks! Working on fixing the broken video link above.

Basic State for Meditation

This meditation comes from my new seven-part Tantric Meditation Course http://activateyourthirdeye.com/

A little known secret (although it’s very well known in
Occult systems of East as well as West), is that the energy
of the Third Eye, and all other centers are directly related
to Prana, a vital force which we intake along with oxygen
when we breathe. It is emitted naturally from the Earth,
Stars, other human beings (i.e. Shaktipat Seer), and
especially from the Sun. This Prana sustains and nourishes
our mind, body, and spirit, and it is this which causes the
flower-like chakras to open and bloom. In fact chakras are
made OF breath energy, coursing in a wheel type pattern.
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Escaping the Five Aggregates

In Buddhist metaphysics, the component parts of our experience of reality are broken down into segments of fives; you have five elements, five senses, five wisdoms, and five ‘psychological aggregations’ called ‘Skandhas’. These are: Form, Feeling, Perception, Mental Formations, and Consciousness.

In this meditation, we’ll get a feel for these five elements of our psychological being (even form is described as a ‘mental aggregation’, being psychological in nature, a part of the mind/consciousness) and contemplate their pure essence, void of any false conceptions as to their nature, in other words, this meditation is a practical contemplation of ‘emptiness’ or ‘sunyata’ in the true Buddhist sense.

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Vajrasattva Practice

I’ve got a wonderful practice that you can do to completely purify all stains and dust accumulated from millenia of bad karma! The meditation focuses on healing the wounds inflicted by friends or enemies, attachment and aversion to things, or people, situations! Vajrasattva practice purifies of these attachments and aversions by a combination of meditation, tantra, reflection, affirmation, and invocation!

This powerful combination of approaches within a single meditation is called ‘utpatti-krama’ or in english commonly is called “Generation Stage” meditation. Where we invoke the deity in the form of Vajrasattva above our heads to purify us with his healing ‘nectar’ and, ‘wisdom lights’.

You will feel your whole body and mind pure from the inside out after an hour of this meditation! Included in the video description, underneath our digital “Tantric Altar”, you will find a link to view the .PDF file of the text which goes along with the Sadhana (practice). Anyone can do this quite easily just by following along and chanting the parts which need to be chanted! Very simple and effective!

Please enjoy and send the video to your friends! :)
Video Link: http://youtu.be/k602VfHnTtA

Acalanatha’s Mantra is incredibly powerful for removing obstacles, both internally and externally.
Chant along with this mantra and feel the fog of duality dissolve away by the burning rays of
the Immovable Lord, the Radiant King! (Acala Vidya-Raja)

“The sutra of the sacred Acala which the Buddha preached.

At this time, Acala was at the meeting. This Acala has great power.

His skin is blue-black, revealing the virtue of mercy, he sits on diamond revealing that he has the virtue of immortality,he is encircled by the great flame because he has great wisdom.

He uses the sword of great wisdom to excise greediness, anger and foolishness, He has the rope to bind up the traitors of justice.

There is no residence because, having the body of no aspect, he is as nothingness, and he lives in the spirit of the people.

Though every person’s heart is different, he has the power to bestow benefits and satisfy according to each heart.

In that moment, the people who hear this sutra feel full of joy and believed it.

The sutra of the sacred Acala which the Buddha preached.”

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